Let's stop, take a look around, and really, REALLY appreciate all that Mother Nature has given us. SEEK® Apparel is about getting out of our everyday lives, going in search of adventure and not holding back. It's about enjoying the little moments in life that are often missed by the hectic schedules we keep. Our motto Go. Seek. Do. is more than a mantra, it's a call to get out of our comfort zones and experience more of what we already have.

Here at NorthEast Print House we want to save the world, but we can't do it along. That's where you step in. Each SEEK shirt purchased helps an environmental organization that works with water pollution, biodiversity, deforestation, and so much more. We love our earth and the adventures it offers us. Look at you putting all that love back in the world. Feels pretty darn good, right?


Hand Pulled Ink on Super Soft and Stretchy 52/48 Poly/Coton Fleece Hoodie. 


Runs SLIGHTLY slimmer than standard t shirts. Most review as "a fitted true to size".

Michigan Aura Hoodie


Inside out, cold wash, low dry. It's a soft hoodie that keeps getting softer. No stress here.